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With Feedban.com your information chaos is over. Keep your favorite News, Blogs, RSS, and YouTube channels in a convenient columns style view.

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RSS & Youtube ready

RSS & Youtube ready

Feedban aggregates data from all major news providers and YouTube channels. If you want to add your own RSS source, you can do it in a couple of clicks, and start reading it instantly.

Kanban Design

Kanban Design

To represent information from sources Feedban.com uses Kanban style and design, which is a great and well-known approach to organizing information.

Read on all devices

Read on all devices

Feedban.com is a progressive web application, and it's ready and available on PC, Mac, mobile phone, or tablet. Everywhere in the globe where is, you can get access to news.


A completely new approach to information display.

Keep track of what's happening around the world. We have re-invented the way of information flow.

Feedban RSS news reader feedban on pc
Mobile news reader feedban on mobile
Social Networks

Get any source you need
including YouTube.

Feedban is tracking information from different resources, like Web sites, Blogs, RSS, Youtube, Twitter, and more.

Instant updates

You will receive updates instantly from the news source you want. We scan hundreds of thousands of sources every minute.

Clean and fresh information

Our AI-based filter system cleanup all feeds from spam and ads.

Store posts List of stored posts Store post indicator

Save all the information you need

Information flows like a waterfall, and often there is simply no time to read a blog post, news or watch a video. And the next moment this information can disappear in a crazy information flow. And you have to spend time and energy looking for this piece of information. Familiar situation?

We have fixed this, in Feedban there is a function using which you can save the news, blogs or videos you are interested in and view them at any time convenient for you.

This is the Pin function - just click on the Pin icon and the information will be saved.

Instantly share information on
social networks.

With feedban.com you can share any news, blog posts, or youtube videos on major social networks and messengers instantly. The way you can do it is super easy - just two clicks, literally. Here is the list of social networks you can share information on, and this list is growing...






Email or Link

share posts on social networks

Use your favorite mobile gadgets to access Feedban.

We have built Feedban mobile app on PWA technology. Our mobile app works on any mobile device (iOS or Android) which connected to the internet and can run a modern web browser.

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Our customers are our biggest fans.

We don't like to brag, but we don't mind letting our customers do it for us. Here are a few nice things folks have said about Feedban.com.

Anna Gavaiski

Very comfortably.

Feedban allows you to easily discover new blogs and keep up with all your favorite bloggers in one place. I love being able to see all the latest posts from my favorite blogs in one convenient location and it saves me so much time!

Anna Gavaiski.
Blogger, consultant.
Andy Patafeev

I am impressed.

I highly recommend using Feedban to stay on top of the latest news and updates from your favorite blogs and news. It's a great way to stay organized and informed!

Andy Patafeev.
Owner of UltraExim LLC
Focus on life

Stay focused on your life.
Let us handle the news.

You have a business to run. Stop worrying about what is going on around you. Stop search news, filter it and spend time to get only important information. Let us do that for you.

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Fair, simple pricing for all.

Everybody needs access to news resources, so we give you the option to decide how much you need to use.

$ 1 /mo

Billing annual

Unlimited feeds.

Unlimited boards.

Instant update

Dark theme

No ads

Get it now

120 Feeds (40 per board)

3 boards

Update every 20 min

Ads support

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Why are you charging?

Nothing is free in this world. We use serious technical and human resources to provide you with an exceptionally high-quality service. We need a budget to pay for these resources. The paltry fee that we charge from premium users helps us improve and develop our service.


How often do you charge?

We charge the fee once a year. We have no monthly payments.


What happens when my premium subscription ends?

We will try to automatically charge your card for the next year. If this attempt failed, we'll convert your account to a free account. And all the restrictions of the free package will take effect.


Is my personal information safe?

Yes, absolutely. We do not collect or store any personal or payment information about you. For authorization and payment, we use third-party services that take care of the safety and security of your information.

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