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Benjamin Z Miller

Benjamin Z Miller, President

Benjamin Z. Miller graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a double major in Economics and Russian Studies. He has an extensive background in international business. His personal website, www.benjaminzmiller.com has more detailed information on his background.

Mr. Miller focuses on the company’s global business strategy to grow the global subscriber base while ensuring the software provides benefits to each user in terms of saving time, accessing a wider variety of news, and having better access to information. Since he spends several hours per day reading news, he is well aware of the issues a typical user faces finding news and information and needing to process it quickly.


Eric Koach

Eric Koach, Chairman of Board of Directors

As an accomplished business development leader and Chairman of the Board of Directors for Feedban, Inc., Mr. Koach has a proven history of crafting strategic solutions that help global clients innovate and grow their businesses.

As both a market maker and a driver of revenue, he combines a strategic focus on operational excellence with an eye to the bottom line to realize a maximum return on investment [ROI] for internal and external clients. Mr. Koach will provide guidance on best practices to drive growth for Feedban, Inc.

Automation Anywhere recruited Mr.Koach to turn around a struggling sales organization and return the product line to profitability. He successfully achieved that and delivered 25% growth in top line revenue. In his previous role with Lenovo, he managed a team of 8 in the company’s Western region to deliver a 93% customer retention rate and improve overall customer satisfaction by 12%.


Valerii Igumentsev

Valerii Igumentsev, Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Igumentsev graduated with a Master’s Degree from Dnepropetrovsk State University in computer science. His prior experience includes managing teams of software developers in a variety of industries. Currently he resides in Kyiv, Ukraine. All technical matters and decisions on hiring of the technical team will be made by him.


Clemens Kruse

Clemens Kruse, Industry Expert

Mr. Cruse is a certified .NET professional with focus on integration and backend APIs (on premise as well as cloud), with years of experience in delivering value to enterprise grade customers. He offers that experience to Feedban.com in the form of an industry expert.

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